I’m very excited to announce that the ALMOST A MIRROR podcast theme song is out! Yesssss…. As many of you know, I’ve been busy teaching myself how to do a podcast (my kitchen table is a mess of microphones and monitors) about late 70s to early 80s Australian songs – and the theme song has just launched on Bandcamp.

Here’s a little peek!

Or you can listen and buy it here!

The brilliant MICHAEL SIMIC has written the song, with LE TROUBLE (Michael Mooney) and KAY PROUDLOVE on vocals. Michael & Michael are co-producers. It has a great feel of melancholy mixed with pop – it reminds me of sitting in a John Hughes movie watching Molly Ringwald. I love it!

It’s been so exciting to collaborate on this project with many regional musicians and a big shout out to Michael M and Kay who are in lockdown Wollongong way.

We are just doing finishing touches and the podcast is coming out in August! Each episode is sparked by a particular song and Episode 1 is on Nick the Stripper by The Birthday Party. It will be available on iTunes and Apple Music, and wherever you like to listen to podcasts…

Please follow the Almost a Mirror page on Bandcamp and let me know what you think! I’ve chosen Bandcamp because musicians actually get paid for their music on this platform. Please support them…

A big hug to Josh Durham for the wonderful design.