If you could make the soundtrack to your life, a mixtape, what songs would you choose? Welcome to Almost a Mirror, a podcast about Australian music from the late 1970s and 80s, where the pop world of Countdown collides with the post-punk scene of St Kilda’s Crystal Ballroom. Come with me on a personal journey through music and memory where each episode is sparked by a song.

Listen to Episode 1. Nick the Stripper


As each podcast episode is released, the corresponding song will be available on Bandcamp. The Almost a Mirror soundtrack will feature Australia’s top musicians including ADALITA, AMANDA BROWN, MICHAEL SIMIC and PAUL MCDERMOTT.

NICK THE STRIPPER features ANNA SIMIC on vocals, ANDY GRIFFITHS on backing vocals, JASPER FENTON on guitar, RICHARD ANDREW on everything else, and The Birthday Party’s own PHILL CALVERT on drums. Thanks Phill! 

The ALMOST A MIRROR podcast theme song features LE TROUBLE (Mick Mooney) and KAY PROUDLOVE on vocals and is co-produced by MICHAEL SIMIC and MICHAEL MOONEY. The original version was written by Michael Simic as a response to my novel (yes, I cried!). It features on his album Caravan Songs.

The Almost a Mirror soundtrack will be released on vinyl – and maybe even cassette – in 2022, recorded and produced by Richard Andrew at Pharmacy Records, and Jed Palmer. 


A BIG Thanks to all the people who kindly agreed to be interviewed.

The bands. Punters. Fans. Filmmakers.

Ballroom crowd.


The Almost a Mirror podcast is written & produced by Kirsten Krauth

Sound design & mixing by Jed Palmer & Louis Chaleyer-Gray. Tech support by Jason Walker.

The Almost a Mirror soundtrack is produced and recorded by Richard Andrew at Pharmacy Records.

A big thank you to Michael Simic, Zoe Barry, Inga Liljestrom, Andrew Gray and Michael Adams for your encouragement and advice along the way. Supported with a Donald Horne Creative and Cultural Fellowship from the University of Canberra.